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I went to this little thing called Playlist Live…you heard of it?

Here’s some info: -

Playlist Live hosts three-day gatherings for fans, creators and supporters of online video in both Florida (Orlando, FL) and the Tri-State Area (Secaucus, NJ).

The Playlist Live experience is truly yours to create. At Playlist Live, you can learn more about online video production from experienced creators, make new friends and hang out with old ones, dance along to your favorite song with thousands of other people, and much, much more.

Playlist Live began in 2011 and was created by District Lines, the home of thousands of official stores for online video creators.

Playlist Live 2014
The Caribe Royale was such a great host to Playlist Live last year and we are excited to be coming back. This is the first time that we will be returning to a venue and we are looking forward to being able to accommodate even more attendees and expand the event to create an even better experience this time around.

Taken from the Playlist Live website. 

Check out the vid from last year’s event:-

(If you search you’ll find tons of videos from Orlando 2014)

I arrived a day before the event and attended the business day and the two general admission days. It was a great experience and something I’d repeat in the near future…hmm…who knows, I might be near New Jersey when the next one comes around =D



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I’ll do subsequent posts about my experiences and what I learned.

Talk to you soon, but until then – Simply Enjoy the Adventure!

Photo credit – @RoshaneM




Hey guys! This month I’ll be curating the web. I’ll bring you content that I like and thought you might like too. Check out this article on #socialmedia by Chris Blackwell. Please share it with friends. Let me know your thoughts on the content.

If you follow Fullscreen on Facebook or Twitter, you know they just completed a Fullscreen T-shirt giveaway. They received 1,500+ entries, several happy winners scored swag, and the contest also brought some new viewers to their March Colossal Collab video and their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could run contests like this to promote your channel? Now you can—thanks to Gleam, their latest ‘Sign In’ with Fullscreen partner! Gleam helps you run simple, powerful contests for your fans, and in return, build and entice audiences your way.


With Gleam, you decide what your fans need to do to earn entries in your contest. For example, you might ask your fans to follow you on Twitter or watch one of your YouTube videos to enter. Prizes can be anything: swag, shoutouts, video calls, whatever you decide to offer! Let your creativity run wild.

  • Gleam works. They’ve seen success with Gleam themselves, and so have their creators! Like ScottVsBox, whose Gleam contest boosted his Twitter followers 30% in just 12 hours.
  • Gleam is free! A basic account gets you unlimited contests with no cap on entries. For those of you who want more—like MailChimp integration, more branding options, and finer control over who can enter your contests—you can upgrade to Gleam’s premium plans at a 40%+ Fullscreen discount!

Since Gleam is a Sign In with Fullscreen partner, you can access it using your Fullscreen login and password directly on Gleam or via our Apps page.

Ready to grow your channel? Sign In with Fullscreen and get going with Gleam today


Social Media

Hey guys! This month I’ll be curating the web. I’ll bring you content that I like and thought you might like too. Check out this article on #socialmedia by Chris Blackwell. Please share it with friends. Let me know your thoughts on the content.

In the past ten years, social media has transformed from a mere hobby to a massive global force. It’s estimated that one in four people on Earth have active social media accounts!

As a creator, how can you develop a solid social presence to complement your videos and engage your fans? There’s no magic pill to make you a social media guru overnight—but a few guiding principles can get you on the right track.

Produce quality content

Quality content makes or breaks your social media presence. When drafting a post, always ask yourself, “Why would my audience care about this?” It’s a no-brainer, but often overlooked. You can also raise quality by including calls to action (CTAs) and images—and if you’re writing a longer-form post, get the basics (like spelling and grammar) right.

Know your audience

Your social media efforts will fall short if you don’t know your audience—so do your research! What’s your audience’s demographic? Where are they located? What time of day are they online? What type of posts excite them?Simply Measured offers tons of tools to stalk your audience and get to know them better.

Use the right platform

Each social media platform is different—which likely means not every platform is right for you. For example, Pinterest’s audience is 80% women, and 23% of them are age 50+. So if your audience is mostly male gamers, Pinterest isn’t a good fit.

So do your research before devoting too much time to a specific platform.Marketing Charts provides a great detailed breakdown of social media platform audiences and other useful info.

Be consistent

Repetition is key: if your fans see consistent, high-quality posts, they’re more likely to come back. Just make sure you choose a time of day that’ll give you the biggest chance to reach your audience.Buffer and Hootsuiteare perfect for scheduling your posts and managing your accounts.


Social media is most effective when you combine forces! For example, if you have a strong Twitter audience but want to grow your Instagram fan base, it doesn’t hurt to tweet out something like, “Want to see the world through my eyes? Follow me on IG via . . . .”

Stay educated

To kickstart your journey to greatness, become a social media sponge. Always be in the know about new platform features, successful tactics, and terminology. The internet is an open sea of information, so take advantage of it. For social media expertise, you can’t go wrong with sites like Mashableand Social Media Examiner.

Don’t go overboard

Promoting yourself too much is like of spraying yourself with social follower repellent. Would you want to hang out with someone who just talked about himself 24/7? Your fans want to be entertained or informed, not spammed—so always have a good mix of content.

Track link performance

When including links in a post, always use a link shortener service—that way you can track the clickthrough rate (CTR) of your links and see how well they perform. Fullscreen offers a great link shortener on our Creator Platform!

Be patient!

Last but not least: be patient! It takes time to build a solid social media presence. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were the world’s top social media accounts. Good luck—now start racking up followers!


Logan LaPlante is 13 and he has dropped out of school. He is a leader in a new generation that is questioning the traditional education system. With the support of his parents he decided to ‘hack’ the education system and develop his own curriculum which includes weekly work experience in an industry he is passionate about and at least one day a week is spent entirely outside.

I want to know what you guys think. Is the education system outdated? Should more kids be ‘Hackschooling’?

Tous Les Mêmes – Stromae

‘Tous Les Mêmes’ by Stromae is brilliant conceptually.

My opinion: They are all the same, but who are ‘they’ – the men, the women or both. The men are detached but the women, yes the women, they stay…why? Does the woman’s staying contribute to the perpetuation of the cycle? Interesting.

I love that Stromae himself plays both characters for the larger part of the video, but for those who didn’t get what’s happening just wait, you’ll see. Everything is deliberate in this video – one person has the potential to be either character, aside from the sex (man or woman or a third, if you’d like); focus on the gender roles. There could be a stereotypical viewing of relationships – hard-headed men and soft-hearted women or the complete opposite. The potential for different interpretation is great!

Stromae’s androgynous face is perfectly suited for the kind of interplay that takes place in the video. Beautiful and interesting concept yes, but the talent/actor/performer is perfectly matched!

I have other thoughts about different sections of the video, but I would definitely be interested in hearing your opinions. Please leave a comment.



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